Situated in the south eastern Balkan peninsular, Bulgaria has been dealt a generous hand by nature.

There is the impressive 230-mile (380 km) long Black Sea Coast with some of the finest sandy beaches in Europe (and we've got the Blue Flag award to prove it) with average temperature of 27 C and more than 300 sunny days in the year.

So it’s not hard to understand the many newcomers that come and really fell in love with this pearl of the Balkan Peninsula.


Varna is the largest city of the Black Sea Coast and lies on the same latitude as the French Riviera, which directly benefits it with the same climate. There are endless days of sunshine in the summer, with the heat offset by a regular sea-breeze, and mellow winters.

It is the most prosperous Bulgarian city, with the greatest choice of shopping. Being a large import port most offers have high quality/value ratio. It bustles with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. There is a rich array of museums, art galleries and theaters. The city is famous for its Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin.

In the evenings the smartly dressed population strolls in the Sea Gardens down to the sea front which is lined with fish restaurants and lively bars. This vibrant city, that is alive throughout the winter as well as the summer, will give you a taste of the modern Bulgaria.